F3K Slovakia Open 2016 Is CANCELED

Dear Friends,
We are facing problems with organisation, and we are not sure if we could solve it till 25.6.
Due this fact I am sad, but I must announce to you that we must CANCEL our competition which we have planned to hold in Caste 25-26 of June.
Let me apologise for the inconvenience.
We are still trying to find another date/place for our competition and inform you in a case of success.

Plan your schedule! International contest F3K Slovakia Open from 25-26 of June 2016 at RC Klub Častá again!

Hi Folks,

We are planning on the same place as in 2015 international f3k contest. For the year 2016 we are planning together with EUROTOUR and FAI WORLDCUP – F3K SLOVAKIA OPEN 2016

In upcoming weeks, we are waiting for final FAI calendar. Then we will start with official announcements, propositions, and will open the registration form. In the year 2016 we will focus again to enhance our field services and prepare for you another competition that make you happy :)logof3kslovakiaopen2016

Media from the F3K contest Eurotour Častá 2015.


Another great video from Ondrej Haman:

Some photos from Marcel Kralik you can find here: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipNj_gnhsaWmW105gScAlJ4-faRYKQAg4Xqlqyeb

Photos from our friend from RC Casta klub: http://www.rcportal.sk/f3k-13-14-6-contest-eurotour-casta-2015-g3043

Mato Smycka photos: https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/111026646161609669393/albums/6160321204169476177

Registration for EC Casta 2015 is over

We have officially registered 36 pilots from 7 countries who will come to Častá this weekend to join us on F3K Contest Eurotour Casta 2015. Weather looks promisingly, organisation team working each day on final contest preparation, prices were prepared. If you are just visitor we have also prepared watching zone for you! We will publish map of airfield, planned rounds an more during Thursday 11. Jun latest.